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Are there Hidro Dizayn-typical requirements?

That’s difficult to generalize. Professionally speaking, you should fit the requirements of “your” position. Aside from that we think it’s important that you look beyond your own nose, openly approach others and are able to familiarize yourself with different topics.

Entry date is "as soon as possible". Do I have a chance in spite of having to give notice?

As a matter of course, we would like to fill most of the open positions as quickly as possible. But if you turn out to be our ideal candidate, a later entry date is no obstacle. Unless an early entry date is of particular urgency for us.

My job application should include?

Basically everything that helps us to assess your knowledge and your personality. Specifically we would like to read a cover letter in which you briefly mention why you are the ideal candidate for the job, degree certificate or high school diploma and (if applicable) your job references all uploaded to our system. You have continuing education certificates, not older than 5 years? They interest us, too. Don’t forget to mention your earliest possible entry date or length of notice required and your desired salary.

Where exactly will I work?

Well, that depends. You find out in our job offers where exactly it is. You are applying for central department? Then you will be permanently in Balgat-Çankaya / Ankara headquarter. You would like to dive into our consultancy world? Even then you will most likely have your base camp in Balgat-Çankaya / Ankara headquarter – and from there travel on to your project locations. Site supervision team members stay at project locations in long-term period.

What is meant with "willingness to travel on business trips and staying abroad" ?

Business trips are an important part of the job for our staff since our projects and our customers are out of Ankara and even abroad. Short business trips of 3 to 5 days are required depending on the type of project. As our agreements include the liability of visiting the project site at some frequency, we prefer personnel who can fulfill such liability. Of course, we don’t send our project engineers on short notice and unprepared: Every on-site assignment is planned and discussed with you.

Where located are your consultancy services?

We aim to involve mainly in international projects. In addition to our current consultancy projects in middle, north, and east regions of Turkey, we've started projects in Georgia. We look forward to receiving the applications of candidates who wish to be part of our abroad consultancy teams, too.    

Do I have to know the local language on international trips?

Don’t worry for it. If you have good spoken and written English language skills, almost everywhere you can communicate this way and discuss professional topics with customers and contractors.

How shall I apply? In electronic way or by post mail?

The only way to apply our positions is doing it through our system where you can upload the scanned copy of your relevant documents as well.

Are the jobs listed online still available?

Yes, of course, all the positions on our homepage are up-to-date. As soon as a position has been successfully filled, it is be deleted from our job board.

Can I send you a general application?

Yes! Follow our "Vacancies" page regularly, and make a general application when we announced it.
Internship and Thesis

I would like to do an internship (or write my diploma thesis) at your company. How are my chances?

Basically good. You can apply for internship. Thesis relevant to profession (as part of master degree) is an opportunity given only valid for our employees

How can I apply? What should my application include?

Follow our "Vacancies" page regularly, and make your application when we announced it. Thesis application can only be done internally by our employees.
Vocational training

Can I complete a classic apprenticeship at your company?

We are sorry that there is no such an opportunity in our company.