A process that is familiar!

Welcome to this section where we explain to you the application process. General applications or vacancy applications follow the same process. We will get closer to each other and we together evaluate your match to position by the end of this process.

Our dynamic of growth: Your application

Your first impression is very important for us. For this reason, you are supposed to introduce yourself perfectly. It would be an advantage to write a cover letter for your application. We suggest you that your diploma of your latest school and certificates of past experiences are uploaded to our system. It would speed up your application's evaluation phase if you add last five years training certificates. Please do not forget to indicate your earliest start date or your required notice and your salary expectations.   

Now it's our turn: Preliminary evaluation

We study hard on your application. It is important that your skills and educational background match with the position. During this stage, we may contact you either by phone or via email. Do not surprise it! We do this to learn more about you.

A short interview: Our phone conversation
After studying on your application, we may call you directly. This is the case if the position requires a specific skill which you have. We would like to learn more about this skill . For a phone interview date and time, we surely contact you.   

Welcome: The first interview

We request a face-to-face meeting if we agree on your match with the position. This interview is between you, our HR representative and/or group president. We will introduce you our company and the team that you are supposed to join. We will discuss further about the duties, responsibilities, and authorization of the position. Moreover, we will inform you about your advantages while taking this opportunity.    

Finally: The second interview
If we are satisfied with the first interview, you will be invited to a second interview. Different from the fist interview, a Board representative will attend this meeting also. If there remained some details from the first interview or some questions, these will be resolved during this meeting. It is important that you have no unanswered question related to the position and company. We need to ensure that you understand our expectation from you.

At Hidro Dizayn, we put special emphasis on your personality and for that reason don’t carry out statistical tests and refrain from using assessment centres. Shortly, we trust you.

To sum up, we look forward to your application to our vacancies. Please be sure that we will fairly evaluate you application. Keep visiting our Vacancies page regularly to find an opportunity suiting you. Or make general application whenever announced in that page.