We are one of the firms that comes to the minds first in water engineering and consultancy sector; thanks to good contract performance, and no compromise from quality principles. We developed such a working atmosphere by keeping these principles at the top. Project managers, project engineers, economists and technicians motive themselves by completing their projects successfully with their participation. Moreover, our offered benefits are quite incentive. Our salary policy is not only based on seniority but also the employee's performance. For our site supervision team members, we may apply chaning range of salary scales depending on the location and characteristics of the project.      

Both at our headquarter and site supervision offices, you will experience an environment of respect and a soul of team-working. Cooperation among the groups,  fast decision making, and open communication are other aspects of our working world that brings efficiency and effectiveness to all of us. And the working hours? Of course, what we focus on is a good performance on the processes of undertaken projects. All our employees make their own working plans accordingly. Although some days may be loaded more, we generally respect the official working hours.      

We prefer long-term employment. To achieve this, we do our best to keep our employees satisfied continuously. We are sure that our organisation gets more powerful to overcome challenging tasks with the efforts of satisfied employees.    

We arrange social events like dinners to help our employees know each other. Billards and dart games events may turn into a long lasting derby.