Project sponsors may highly need a team of consultants before and after loan allocation to the investors. We are one of the firms that the sponsors choose for this purpose. So far, we have completed several projects in this regard. Within the scope of this service, we do the following activities:    

  • Preparation of Preliminary Assessment Report:
    • This report is prepared once at the beginning having following content:
      • Confirming the cost estimate figures and execution duration of the project proposed by the investor,
      • Assessment of project's technical characteristics, geological risks, execution and operation risks, plants net and gross productivity, environmental and other required permissions, constraints of the plants operation,
      • Update of operation study,
      • Assessment of project's upstream and downstream and doing the energy generation calculations and comparing the results with Feasibility Report,
      • Review of General Work Schedule and reporting the results,
      • Review of cost and quantity studies,
      • Checking and confirming the payment schedule done by investor.
  • Preparation of Quarterly Progress Reports: 
    • Until the operations stage, reviewing and reporting of actual progress status, actual progress against payment progress, any problems and solutions to them, estimated delays and their probable results are done every three months.
  • Preparation of Commissioning, Completion, and Final Reports:    
    • Confirming through Commissioning Report that the project is safely and successfully passed commissioning by fulfilling the technical specifications and is ready for provisional acceptance stage,
    • Confirming through Completion Report that provisional acceptance is approved and listing the punch items in detail, status of licenses and permits, and stating that all cost increases are paid by the sponsors,
    • Confirming through Final Report that the project is physically completed and can start generating electricity upon final acceptance.