We have completed hundreds of planning and feasibility studies so far. As being trustable partner, we reviewed and revised many planning and feasibilities done by others. Within the scope of this service, we do the following activities:

  • Preparation of preliminary planning report (presentation of all reasonable alternatives),
  • Preparation of master planning report,
  • Planning and feasibility studies consisting of:
    • Geological, topographical, and construction material studies,
    • Hydrological and hydraulic studies,
    • Soil classification, drainage investigations and reports (earth resources studies),
    • Geographical Information System (GIS) studies,
    • Downstream water usage rights reports,
    • Agricultural economy and expropriation reports,
    • Feasibility design,
    • Operation studies (singular and/or plural systems),
    • Installed capacity and energy generation analysis,
    • Cost estimations and economical comparisons,
    • Social and environmental impacts, risk analysis studies,
    • Cost split and financial analysis.