It is not a classical career path that you will find in Hidro Dizayn. Having undertaken various taks in different fields and your responsibilities starting from the first day are your opportunities that you take.

Most of our staff is comprised of project managers, project engineers and technicians. If one of these positions is of interest to you, we point you the seat right for your knowledge and experienced. You witness the problems and experience how they are resolved step by step. This is the chance of getting more experience from the first day of your employment. You may shortly find yourself become the key personnel carrying the whole responsiblitiy. Starting from small projects, you will be given more complex projects where you can show your skills and abilities. We trust you on this matter!

Share of knowledge: A tradition of Hidro Dizayn

Knowledge sharing among employees is another policy that we care. Being not only based on the knowledge transfer betwern employees, we cooperate with universities, professional organizations, and consultants to get information about new technologies and trends in the sector. We keep ourselves up-to-date by participating in national and international fairs, and conferences. Encouraging our employees to pursue master's degree in their fields, and helping them in their thesis are all our continuing traditions.  

If you define the career as progress on knowledge, good relations, skills, and experience, then you can say hello to a new extraordinary career by joining us.