One of our most requested services by investors or project sponsors is "Preparation of Technical Due Diligence Report". This study is basically an assessment of all previous studies in terms of suitability and reliability. Before taking decisions about the investment, we are helping our clients to analyze the project in all aspects. Within the scope of this service, we do the following activities:  

  • Assessment of hydrological studies and used calculation method,
  • Checking the reliability of water supply and flood hydrology studies,
  • Checking the reliability of used data and methods while calculating energy generation figures,
  • Assessment of the projects with respect to upstream and downstream projects,
  • Assessment of the proposed structures,
  • Assessment of the geology and topography of the proposed structures,
  • Checking the reliability of installed capacity and energy generation figures,
  • Checking the sufficiency of geological investigations and studies,
  • Checking if the existing geological data and information are taken into account in project's formulation and cost estimate,
  • Checking the method and used quantities in project's cost estimating
  • Assessment of risks and relevant recommendations,